Frequently Asked Questions To Roofers

How often should I have my roof inspected?

Most people should get their roofs inspected on a annual to bi-annual basis or after a significant weather event such as a heavy hail storm or wind storm with gusts of wind over 65mph. If you ever notice broken shingles on the roof or shingles laying in the yard don't hesitate to call because your roof is most definitely compromised. 

Should I replace my roof or repair my roof?

This depends on a variety of factors, the best thing to do is consult with a qualified roofing contractor and an insurance agent on what to do in your situation. A contractor will look at the age, severity of damage and area of damage of your roof to do their assessment. 

How does home owners insurance cover my roof when it comes time to make a claim?

There are three common types of roof coverage when it comes to insurance. The most common in Texas is "replacement cost" which means the insurance company will pay for the entirety of the replacement roof minus the homeowners deductible which is typically 1% of the home value. The other type which is slightly less common is "actual cash value" which the amount of compensation the insurance company would give the homeowner would be based on a depreciation chart of the roof's value. The insurance company would then payout based on the perceived value of roof's condition according to the chart and the homeowner would pay the remaining costs out of pocket. Finally the least common in Texas is "no roof coverage". This coverage is as simple as the name in that insurance offers no coverage to the roof and the homeowner is responsible for 100% of the replacement costs.